Rich History

A Modern Facility with Historical Flair.

In the Heart of the Back Mountain.

The Twin Stacks Center building has a rich history in the Back Mountain area dating back to 1947. The building was originally built by the Birnbaum family as a textiles mill known as Natona Mills. At its peak, the mill employed over 300 people in the Back Mountain, producing everything from military camouflage netting for the Korean War to lace for intimate apparel. The plant even produced a fireproof spacesuit for NASA worn by Ham, the first chimpanzee in space.

In 1995, Carris Brook Industries, the parent company to Native Textiles from Glens Falls, NY, decided to close the plant and consolidate operations in New York. Seven workers from the plant relocated to New York with the company. A total of one hundred and thirty employees opted not to move and an institution in the Back Mountain ceased to exist.

In September of 1997, developers Richard Haas and Lynn Banta of Harveys Lake bought the plant with a vision to make it a modern day business center. The name Twin Stacks Center was chosen to reflect the significance of the twin smoke stacks and the heritage they represent.

Since its opening, the Twin Stacks Center has been a tremendous success, maintaining a 95% or better occupancy rate. Still under the direction of developers Richard Haas and Lynn Banta, they continue to improve the building and the surrounding facilities in order to meet the needs of the Back Mountain community.